About Alterus

By musicians, for musicians

ALTERUS was developed using the suggestions and cooperation of many professional organ players, which resulted in improved benefits, functions and a simplicity of use gained by experience in the field.

Additionally, as all IKSOR engineers are themselves musicians, you can be sure that we did truly test the system ourselves!

OLED display

Using graphical OLED display all relevant data is displayed, such as bank number, bank name, combination number, crescendo levels etc. Controlling is very intuitive using deditaced control buttons.

ALTERUS is a sophisticated yet simple to use organ stop controller, which ensures intuitive and logical user experience with a clean OLED display and removable USB drive support.


  • Storage of 999 stop combinations in 99 banks making almost 100.000 combinations on a single USB drive

  • Works with any standard USB drive

  • Clean OLED graphical display with all relevant data displayed

  • Very simple and intuitive use

  • iALTERUS web app enables very intuitive graphical editing of the combinations with copy/paste/cut features

  • Uses a non-intrusive Insert function to add sub-combinations (A-F) to already prepared music sequences

  • Programmable crescendo with 64 levels (internal memory)

  • 3 user-programmable crescendos (on USB drive), which can be used instead of pre-programmed crescendo

  • ERAM internal memory (optionally) to store 250 combinations (+inserts) without a USB drive

  • Modular concept using Alterus IN24 and OUT24 modules, supporting voltage ranges from 10 to 30 VDC
  • Robust CAN-BUS communication protocol between ALTERUS modules

Advanced yet simple

ALTERUS was developed with an idea to be operated so intuitively that any musician could use it immediatly without much practice.

Therefore, we designed the user interface in a logical way, without compromising any functionality.

100.000+ storage spaces

99 banks with 999 combinations on USB

There is almost unlimited storage space on a single USB drive where every single player can have their own USB drive to prevent accidental data overwriting.

Additionally, Alterus may be equipped with an internal ERAM memory module to enable internal storage when no USB drive is inserted.

Smart Crescendo

When the Crescendo function is enabled, ALTERUS scans for the most similar stops setup within the crescendo setup, and enables the crescendo at the moment when the pedal is pressed in at the same level.

Addionally, each user can set up as many as three custom crescendos, which are stored on the user’s USB drive.


(web interface graphical editor)

Any user can edit their own combinations using the free iALTERUS web tool, which enables preparing and editing combinations at home.

Use iAlterus

Save+ function

When preparing sequence combinations, a simple method can be used to save the current combination and jump to the next one using a single click.

Of course there are also other saving methods that are supported, such as saving to specific locations, etc.

Fast & Stable connection

ALTERUS modules communicate among themselves through the most robust industrial grade CAN-BUS network, which ensures secure, stabile and fast communication between all modules such as input and output modules, display modules, etc.

Through ARDT (the Alterus Remote Debug Tool) we may diagnose and debug systems remotely which enables quick and effective remote support.

Non-intrusive INSERT

After a song is set up and combination numbers are written on the scores, there’s nothing worse than making some changes afterwards …

No problem with Alterus, as each combination can hold up to 6 inserts without changing combination numbers afterwards.

Integrated H&T sensor

Alterus is equipped with a high resolution digital temperature and humidity sensor to overview the organ environment.