Technical specifications

Parameter Value Unit
Power supply voltage 10 – 30 VDC
Number of channels 128 channels
Communication CAN-BUS  
Display type OLED graphical  
Display resolution 256*64 pixlels  
Temperature measuring accuracy/resolution 0,5 / 0,1 °C
Humidity measuring accuracy/resolution 5 / 0,1 rH

Input Board (ALTERUS IN24)

Number of input channels 12/24 channels
Number of analog input channels 2 channels
Triggering type of digital input channel VIN/GND onboard jumper
Allowed input voltage on analog/digital channel 0 – 30 VDC
Dimensions 115x40x73 mm; h*w*d

Output module (ALTERUS OUT24)

Number of output channels 12/24 channels
Current per output max. 2 A
Total current per module max. 15 A
Dimensions 115x40x73 mm; h*w*d