The Web Interface Graphical Stop Editor

iALTERUS is a web based tool, used to modify combinations and banks on the USB drive, used in ALTERUS organ systems. This way the user can modify and prepare all files in advance, or edit them.

The ALTERUS data system consists of 99 banks, in which each bank can hold up to 999 combinations. Additionally, each combination can also hold up to 5 inserts (A-F), which can be added to either the organ console or, later, via iALTERUS. This doesn’t affect the combination numbering. By checking the boxes , the user may change the state of the stops in the combination. Copy/paste is possible using a single combination or more combinations at the same time. It is also possible to copy/paste combinations from one bank to another.

All editing is done online. After finishing, a ZIP file with all content can be downloaded and copied to the USB drive. This way you can keep control over the whole process. You can’t accidentally delete useful content from your USB drive, but you can save different versions if you wish.

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